Reviews for Windermere's Top Roofer, Save Now on Repairs & Re-roofing

March 10, 2019
With so many roofing services in the Orlando area, how do you know which one is dependable, who will do a quality job on your roof? Just looking at their website may not be enough, but reading reviews from actual clients says everything. Paul was quick to respond to questions, priced very competitively, best of […]
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Top Rated Windermere GAF Roofer, Affordable Spring Savings!

March 03, 2019
There are hundreds, if not thousands of roofers in Orlando. Choosing the right one means you get a quality roof that last years to come, choose the wrong one and you have nothing but costly problems, for years to come. Don’t Take the Chance  Choosing a GAF Master Elite Certified Roofer in Orlando means all […]
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Orlando/Dr Phillips Premier Roofing Service

February 22, 2019
When it comes to your roof, being proactive and taking action when you first notice signs of wear and tear, will save you money. Waiting until your roof has a water leak or damage, could end up costing more in repairs. It may start out as a small stain on the ceiling or a few […]
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Get The Facts, Dr Phillips/Orlando Roofing Service

February 15, 2019
Just thinking about having your Central Florida roof repaired or replaced can be overwhelming for any home or business owner. It’s a big investment and you want it done right with the highest quality materials at the best price, without any unexpected expenses. Get the Facts About Roof Replacement or Repairs Is the roofing service local? It […]
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Orlando Roofing Contractor, GAF Master Elite Certification

February 11, 2019
When your home or business in Orlando, Dr Philips, Windermere, has roof damage, needs repairs or replacement, it can be difficult to find a qualified and licensed contractor who you can trust. Schick Roofing is proud to be one of the few roofing contractors in Central Florida to earn the GAF Master Elite Certification. Ensuring […]
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Licensed & Reliable Orlando Roofer, GAF Master Elite Contractor

February 08, 2019
The last thing a home or business owner wants is to invest in a roofing company who does a poor job or get scammed out of thousands of dollars and still in need of a new roof! Unfortunately, Central Florida is known for numerous unlicensed roofing contractors, who take money without doing any of the […]
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How to Choose a Quality/Trustworthy Roofer in Orlando

January 25, 2019
Trying to choose a reliable roofing contractor in Central Florida can be tricky, especially with so many to choose from. Your roof is a big investment, it is important to compare contractors.  Here are a few things to look for: Read the companies reviews Make sure they have manufacturer certifications and are properly licensed and […]
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Who Can You Trust to Repair or Replace Your Orlando/Dr Phillips Roof?

January 18, 2019
Searched for an Orlando roofer on the internet and you get over 745,000 results in under a second.  But which ones can you trust will do a quality job repairing or replacing your roof? In last week’s blog we talked about the advantages of hiring a local roofer, here are a few more: A local […]
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Advantages of Hiring a Local Orlando/Dr Phillips Roofer

January 10, 2019
When your roof needs repairs or even replaced, it can seem daunting. You want to find a reliable contractor who will do a quality job and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Choosing to with a reputable local roofer, who is experienced in your area and will be there if you have a problem […]
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How to Keep Orlando/Dr Phillips Roofing Shingles From Curling or Cupping

January 02, 2019
Why are my Orlando Asphalt shingles curling and cupping? Is a question we are often asked here at Schick Roofing. Understanding why your shingles curl and cup and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Curling is when the edges of the asphalt shingle turn up, but the center may still be flat.  […]
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