Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Unlike so-called “storm chasers,” we’re here to stay.

Each year, hailstorms alone result in approximately $1 billion in roof damage across the country. Whether it’s a surprise thunderstorm in June or a hurricane in October, our team has always worked to provide protection and peace to our Central Florida neighbors. We’re prepared to tarp and replace as many roofs in the community as we can. We will assess your roof following a storm, provide a temporary fix in an emergency, and ultimately repair or replace your roof as needed. Be sure to give us a call immediately, so we can prioritize your home or business.


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Diagnosing a leak
Diagnosing a leak

Protect your home and your money.

Our customer service team is here to help work with you and your insurance company. Before calling, gather your policy and read through it. Follow all protocols.

Paul Schick and his team


The Consumer Protection Coalition warns, NEVER sign an “Assignment of Benefits (AOB)” document, like some roofing companies request.

More information on potential scams, AOBs and false insurance claims visit the following links:

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