Your Orlando Roofing Questions Answered

May 17, 2021

It’s just one shingle missing from my roof, how much damage can it really cause? The fact is, every shingle counts when it comes to the integrity of your roof. Unfortunately, our high winds, heavy rain, and hail can damage and even displace a shingle. 

Many people don’t even realize they are missing a few shingles, while others feel it is an eye sore. But are these damaged or missing shingles causing roof damage? That answer depends on a few factors. 

Does it matter if only part of the shingle is missing?

Roofer installs bitumen roof shingles - closeup on hands. Roofing repair

When it comes to roofing shingle it does NOT matter if it’s the entire shingle or just part of it is missing. Most asphalt shingles have three “tabbed” sections.

Intense weather can rip just one tab off. In this case, repairing part of a missing shingle isn’t really possible, the entire shingle would need to be replaced. 

Does the location of the missing shingle matter?

The location of the missing shingle does play a role when it comes to damage. Roofing shingles are positioned in a staggering pattern, resulting in a staggered pattern. So that the shingles above, cover the seams between the ones below. It is when one of these seams are exposed to the elements that allows water and humidity to seep in and cause damage. 

Another cause for concern is in the valleys of the roof and where two lower areas meet. If part of a shingle is lost in one of these areas, chances of a leak increase because debris and water tend to collect at these points

If I don’t replace the shingle, will my roof leak?

It is just one shingle missing, do I need to replace it? If part of a roofing shingle is missing and a seam is not showing, water may not immediately start dripping from the ceiling. But the integrity of the roof and surrounding shingles will begin to deteriorate due to the exposure to the elements. 

Do I need to hire a professional to replace the missing shingles?

Hiring a reputable roofer will ensure the job is done right, without damaging the surrounding area of the roof. They can also inspect the roof for other issues to avoid future damage.