Save Money With Orlando & Clermont Solar Roofing Shingles

June 24, 2022

What are solar roof shingles? You can now incorporate the newest solar shingle roofing technology into your Central Florida home or business. GAF North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, answers your questions about the new solar roof shingles.

What is Timberline Solar?

Timberline Solar is the only roof system to directly integrate solar technology into traditional roofing processes and materials. It’s different from traditional solar options that are placed on top of a roof, because it’s integrated into the roof itself. The solar shingles work alongside the asphalt shingles to create a system that both produces energy and protects your home from the elements.

How much does Timberline Solar cost?

Pricing varies based on a number of factors, including the size and slope of the customer’s roof and the shading around their home, but a Timberline Solar roof is designed to be affordable and is typically comparable to a new roof plus traditional rack-mounted solar panels. In order to achieve energy from every roof, we believe affordability is a necessity.

How does shading around a home affect a Timberline Solar installation?

Solar cells function by capturing sunlight and converting it into energy. Therefore, if a solar module is blocked from the sun, it won’t function properly. That’s why most solar roofing systems – such as a Timberline Solar™ roof – require maximum sunlight exposure. If your roof has light shading, solar may still work, depending on how severe it is. Of course, optimal energy generation is only achieved if there’s no shade, but a little may be okay. The great part is – Timberline Solar™ is made up of individual shingles that can be placed in favorable, sunny areas of the roof.

Can Timberline Solar be installed around other objects on a roof, such as vents, chimneys, skylights, and satellite dishes?

Installing Timberline Solar™ on a roof with obstructions is usually possible. It all depends on how much the obstructions would interfere, and whether the homeowner is okay with moving or eliminating objects that are in the way. Timberline Solar™ can’t be installed on top of existing obstructions, but it can be installed somewhat close to them. What makes the Timberline Solar ES™ uniquely appealing is its size and installation method. Unlike large rigid solar panels with limited layout options, the ES™ is able to fit on smaller areas of a roof.