What To Expect From An Orlando Roof Inspection

August 01, 2021

It may be pretty easy to spot obvious roof issues. You may not even have to climb on the roof to see a missing shingle. Unfortunately, most roof damage isn’t visible to the untrained eye, which is why a professional opinion is so important. 

What to expect from a professional roof inspection 

During an inspection a roofer will look for any leaks, organic growth issues, damage caused by windblown debris, unusual wear and tear, and problems that may have happened during subsequent repairs or installation. 

There are four basic aspects of a roof inspection, workmanship, interiors, materials, and structure. 

Material Inspection 

Roofing Problems

During this phase the inspector will be looking for any curling, missing, or loose shingles, missing fasteners, or flashing, seals around vent pipes, rubber boots, rust, moss and stains. The shingle’s aggregate will checked in the gutter downspouts and roof valleys. If shingles have lost a considerable amount of aggregate, they may be close to the end of their lifecycle. 

Structural Inspection 

During this phase of the inspection, the gutter system, fascia, and soffit, will be examined. As well as any signs of sagging, for uneven roof planes, damage to the chimney caps, and cracks in the chimney grout. The venting in your attic may also be checked. Improper venting can lead to moisture and heat buildup, both of which can significantly reduce the life of your roof.

Workmanship Inspection

It is important to catch any workmanship issues early. Red flags include incorrect flashing around chimneys, skylights, and vent pipes. Poor workmanship can lead to big issues down the road, such as leaks. 

Interior Inspection 

It is important to check the interior of the home. Such as the attic, interior walls and ceiling for water stains or mold.

Protect Your Home 

A roof that has been compromised can put you and those around you, at risk for property damage. Our storms in Orlando have the potential for high winds, which can easily cause roofing materials to come loose and blow off. The last thing you want is to be liable for damage to your neighbor's car. 

Save On Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies allow you to save money on your policy with regular roof inspections. 

Most of all, regular roof inspections give you peace of mind. It is easy to put your roof on the back burner and just forget about it, but it is the first line of defense for your home and deserves the maintenance it needs. 

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