What Is The Easiest Way To Clean Your Home's Gutters In Orlando?

December 01, 2020

Have you been putting off cleaning your gutters? We’ve all done it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t take long until it causes damage. Not everyone has the time during the holidays or is comfortable getting up on a ladder, so it's a good idea to contact the professionals at Schick Roofing. It is also the easiest way to have them cleaned. 

Clogged gutters prevent rain water from flowing away from your home. Here are a few important reasons to have your gutters cleaned

Roof damage 

When the gutter is filled with leaves and debris, the water has no where to go. Which means it stays on your roof, it doesn’t take long for mold and rot to set in. 

Damage to Fascia 

The fascia is a board located right behind your gutter. It is an important component to the gutter, but the overflowing water from a clogged gutter can damage it. 

Keep Pests Out 

Critters, such as mosquitoes and birds, find damp leaves and debris the perfect environment for nesting.

Cracks in the Foundation 

If the gutters are clogged, the rainwater from our torrential downpours ends of overflowing. Then it pools around the foundation of your home, which can generate cracks

Damage to Brackets 

Water can be very heavy, combined with debris, it can end up being too much weight for the brackets.

How often should gutters be cleaned?

This is a question we get asked often here at Schick Roofing. This depends on how many trees nearby. Typically gutter should be cleaned once in the Fall and in the Spring. But it you have lots of trees around your home, it should be more often. 

Cleaning gutters is messy and a lot of work. It entails climbing a ladder, scooping out debris, so you should wear heavy work gloves. Be careful, you never know what could be living in the debris. If you find any problems, such as a leak, loose screws or nails, they will need to be repaired or replaces.

What is the easiest and the safest way to have your gutters cleaned in Orlando? Call Schick Roofing.