Want To Save Money On Your Central Florida Roof? 

June 24, 2020

Investing in storm and hurricane protection for your home is not only important for saving your life in the worst of storms, but it is also very important for protecting the investment you've made in your roof. It can also reduce premiums on homeowners insurance as well.

Preparing for severe weather and catastrophes before hurricane season arrives, is key in minimizing damage to your property and injuries to your loved ones inside the home.

Disaster Safety, from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, suggests the best way to save money on the roof of your home or business is to follow these simple tips:

Resolve leaks

Existing leaks in your roof can worsen in severe weather.

  • Skylights: Install flashing around skylights to keep water from leaking into your home. 
  • Chimneys: Remove and replace the flashing, including the ice and water barrier, around your chimney to ensure no water seeps into your home.
  • Flashing: Have leaky flashing removed and replaced.
  • Roof valleys: Remove and replace leaking valley metal on your roof. 

Trim your trees

Trees in your yard could pose a threat to your home during high winds. 

Have the trees around your home trimmed by an arborist. Remove branches that overhang the house and remove dead, dying, or diseased trees.

Inspect your roof

A roof in need of repair is more vulnerable to high winds. 

Unsealed shingles are vulnerable to wind and rain. Have your roof inspected to make sure it’s ready to stand up to hurricane season

A well-maintained roof handles a hurricane much better than one that is not maintained. Now is a great time to visually inspect your roof or hire a professional to take a look for you and assess any potential issues. Any shingles or tiles that are roof, loose, curled, or broken are potential leaks during a hurricane. The edges of the roof and around chimneys or vents are especially vulnerable.