Orlando Roofer Architectural Shingles vs 3 Tab Shingles 

November 24, 2021

You want your new roof to last for decades, which means you need to choose the right materials in terms of durability, cost, warranty, and aesthetics. 

Asphalt shingles are very popular here in Central Florida, and with good reason. They come a variety of styles, textures, and colors. They are also very cost effective, but there are two main types. 

Architectural shingles vs 3 tab shingles 

Physical Composition 


Architectural and 3 tab shingles are similar in composition. They both combine asphalt, adhesive, an outermost layer of granules and fiberglass backing, for a durable material. 

The difference between the two products are the quality and amount of material used. Architectural shingles are about 50 percent heavier, have a thicker base mat, comprise a stronger adhesive, and have more top surface granules, than 3 tab shingles. This makes Architectural shingles sturdier that the 3 tab. 


The appearance of the two shingles is different. The 3-tab shingles are uniform with a single tab shape, which makes them look flat on the roof. 

Architectural shingles are also called dimensional shingles because they consist of multiple layers which give them a more dimensional appearance. They can also resemble slate or cedar shakers, enhancing the home’s curb appeal.

Wind Ratings 

The typical 3-tab shingles have a wind rating of about 60 miles per hour. Architectural shingles have a higher quality and thickness, therefore they have a higher wind rating, between 80 mph and 120 mph.


Because of the higher quality and durability, architectural shingles  stand up better to Central Florida’s harsh weather conditions, therefore they have a longer lifespan. In optimal conditions they can last up to 30 years, but the average is 18 to 20 years.  3-tab shingles have a lifespan closer to 10 years. 


The cost is relative to the shingle. Architectural shingles may cost a little more, but they have a longer lifespan, therefor they won't need to be replaced as soon as 3-tab.

Finding the right match for your home or business

The team at Schick Roofing can help you determine which shingle is best for your property, both in the short and long term.