How Much Will A New Roof Or Repairs Cost In Central Florida?

November 02, 2020

How much will it cost to replace or repair your roof in Central Florida? Well, that can depend on a few factors. But investing in your roof not only protects your family, it will boost your home’s curb appeal and reduce your electric bill. 

What Are The Factors That Impact The Cost Of A New Roof Or Repairs?

The size of your roof

Young maintenance worker measuring solar panels on rooftop

The square foot of your home (measuring livable areas) is not necessarily the same square foot of your roof. It typically doesn’t cover the garage, walkways, overhangs, lanais, and front entryways. 

To get a rough estimate of the size of your roof, multiply the width of all the flat planes, by their length in feet, then add them together.

Make sure the measurements of each surface goes all the way to the edge. This should include any areas that jut out past the house, such as overhangs or eaves. 

Slope of the roof 

Many homes and businesses here in Central Florida have a slope on their roof. Slops are expressed as a fraction or ratio. Measuring how many inches the roof vertically rises for every 12 inches it runs horizontally (rise/run). This all adds to the square footage of the roof. 

Roofing materials 

The materials you choose will impact the costs. They also affect how long your roof will last, curb appeal, and even your electric bill. Besides replacing the shingles or tiles, you need to take into account decking, underlayment, vents, and flashing. 

Your existing roof also plays a role. Small leaks and lack of routine maintenance, may mean you have a secondary problem such as water damage, rot, mold, or loose shingles, this will have to be taken care of before the new roof is replaced and will add to the cost.

Experienced roofer 

An experienced roofer can easily save you money by knowing what can be salvaged and what can't (especially if your home is older). Your roof may just need a few repairs instead of replacing. Schick Roofing provides inspections to determine your roof's remaining life expectancy and assessment.