Affordable Orlando/Dr Phillips Roof & Gutter Repair

July 09, 2019

Most homeowners don’t think about their roof or gutters, until there is a problem. The fact is gutters play big role in protecting your home. This time of year, when it rains practically every day, the impact is can be detrimental. 

What Happens When the Gutters Aren’t Working Properly?

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What Lies Beneath is Damaged

If the water isn’t coming out the downspout, it is either spilling over the gutter or staying on your roof, both cause significant damage. The purpose of the downspout is to take water away from the foundation of your home, if water is allowed to pool near the foundation it can cause a host of issues, including crack and weaken the foundation. 

Fascia Damage

What happens when water doesn’t drain properly from the gutter? The fascia, is the piece of wood responsible for attaching the gutter system to the building, takes on all the weight of the water that isn’t draining. It adds up to about 8 pounds per gallon! It quickly adds up, eventually the nails holding the fascia to building can’t hold the weight. Combine this with the wood rot caused by the water and you have a big, costly mess! 

Roof Damage

Torrential downpours and even hurricane strength winds, maybe a few things your roof is designed to withstand, but pooling water can be its demise. Unfortunately, any issues with the gutter system and water overflows onto the roof, soaking shingles. If allowed to pool for a period of time, the water will end up soaking into the roof’s supporting structures, causing underlayment to get wet and wood to rot. If left unchecked, it can easily lead to mold issues. 

Repairing and maintaining gutters isn't a fun or glamorous job, but it's one of those things in which simple routine maintenance can save you a lot of trouble down the line. If you are looking for affordable roof repairs, contact Schick Roofing.